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Hedge Funds Are People Too

iStock_000011987636_SmallThe Mangrove Partners Master Fund Ltd. is the latest hedge fund to get into the PTAB/short-sell stock game, successfully petitioning the Board to institute IPRs on two network security patents (IPR2015-01046 and IPR2015-01047). Interestingly, the two patents owned by VirnetX, a patent licensing company, were the subject of prior unsuccessful IPR petitions by other companies as well as district court litigation. Similar to the Patent Owners in the Kyle Bass petitions,… More

PTAB: No “Abuse of Process” by Bass in filing IPR Petition against Celgene

Red seal and imprint "SANCTIONS" on white surface

In its recent decision, an expanded panel of the PTAB denied Patent Owner Celgene’s motion for sanctions against Petitioner “Coalition for Affordable Drugs VI, LLC,” and thereby refused to provide Patent Owners with a basis to halt the IPR challenges currently brought by hedge fund entities against the pharmaceutical industry.  Celgene had sought dismissal of several petitions.

Kyle Bass, the head of Hayman Capital Management LP,… More